Many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies recognize the benefit and importance of diversity and inclusion, including when it comes to LGBT+ colleagues, customers and partners.

Becoming a member of the Israel Diversity Standard gives your organization:

  • Public recognition of your commitment to LGBT+ equality in the workplace, by featuring on our website;

  • Access to Israel Diversity Standard volunteers who can offer support in implementing the aims of the Statement of Principles;


  • A certain number of free or discounted training sessions, ranging from legal training to organizational consulting - each as may be required or desired.


  • Access to our resource library, with a host of useful information relating to LGBT+ workplace diversity and inclusion;


  • The chance to connect with other organizations and potential employees or business partners who are interested in working with an LGBT+ friendly organization.


Recognizing the importance of, and implementing, LGBT+ friendly policies has been proven in studies to benefit organizations financially as well as creating a socially positive impact.

Membership of the Israel Diversity Standard is charged in accordance with the size of your organization. Membership fees will be collected on a non-profit basis in order to help support our running costs and expand our activities. Larger sponsorship from organizations that would like to help support our activities will be gratefully received – please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities in this regard.