As part of our determination to, and pride in, creating a fair, equal, safe and encouraging workplace, we are striving to ensure the LGBT+ community is fully supported and that all colleagues at every level of the organization are vested in the success of this Statement of Principles.

We are committed to:

  1. Eliminating discrimination and increasing diversity, so that everyone in the LGBT+ community feels respected and able to undertake their best work;​​

  2.  Treating all members of the LGBT+ community fairly and with respect as customers as well as in application processes, career progression, promotions, salaries, training and other benefits offered by the organization;

  3.  Fostering a workplace environment that promotes dignity and celebrates diversity;

  4. Providing training to all colleagues, including during induction training, to ensure awareness of our equality policies and to ensure sensitivities are taken into account for any grievances that may arise; and

  5. Monitoring the implementation of our equality policies in order to ensure any concerns are addressed and resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

We will not tolerate intimidation, bullying or harassment of LGBT+ colleagues, including unwanted physical contact, offensive jokes, personal insults or showing of offensive materials. Breaches of equality policies will be treated as disciplinary offences.

Management’s Commitment

Whilst all colleagues share a responsibility to fight discrimination, to uphold this Statement of Principles and report any breaches of policy, senior management will champion principles of equality and fairness when implementing these practices.

A diversity officer will be nominated to handle any queries relating to the content or implementation of this Statement of Principles and anyone reporting a breach will be treated with respect and in confidence.

As supporting all our colleagues is an essential part of our culture and values, this Statement of Principles will actively be shared and promoted with all of our current colleagues and new joiners.